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Monday, June 21, 2010

Blueberry Boy Bait Cake

blueberry boy bait cake

for a new hire orientation (my first hire!) i made a blueberry boy bait cake. it was midnight when i made this cake, i doubled the recipe because i have a 14X10 pan (the recipe calls for 9X13) and plus, nuria has an office function too so the extra batter went into a round pan. it was too late for me to be inspired to alter the recipe much (like add in candied ginger or some kind of citrus juice) but alas, i'm glad i didn't mess with perfection. i did, however, dust some powdered sugar on top.


the internet and photo cuisine sites will have beaucoup blueberry boy bait "adaptations" but when you look closely enough, you won't see much adaptation, but more blatant copying, which is a pity. /rant.

i used this recipe from Cook's Country.

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