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Monday, April 12, 2010

Messy Rice with Edamame


i'm not a vegetarian, i just play one sometimes. i think i like the concept of it but having the privilege of eating meat taken away from me, i'm a hardcore carnivore. having said that, i would say that about 80% of my diet consists of veggies and rice. and this dish, well. it's a typical one for me now. thanks to @bakertiffany for sharing the recipe. my version has edamame pods in it. in another version, i added diced shiitake mushrooms. and yet in another version, i threw in diced red peppers and tomatoes.

and based on the contents of my fridge right now, the next version just might be stuffed in red peppers.

currently obssessed: Eddie Vedder, Rise

Season premiere of Deadliest Catch starts Tuesday. i'm excited.