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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jumping the Shark? - Upcoming Product Review

i've been blogging for just over two years and i have a fairly strict rule of no advertising on my page. i have a thing where i lose interest in anything if there is a monetary value put on it, it'd turn into work and not so much a fun hobby. to me blogging should be like sitting on a bar stool & hanging out with friends, i don't want it to be a job.

i was contacted today by CSN Stores, they wanted to know if i'd be interested in doing a product review or giveaway. i've done a product review and giveaway before, but it was on a smaller scale for a friend's company. this is a little different. it's advertising, right? am i jumping the shark?

well. i guess so. i don't know how i feel about it. i do know that i can't endorse a product i haven't tried before, from a place i've never bought from; a giveaway is out. so, as punishment for doing something that i never thought i'd do, i will accept a free product and review it. it's the least i could do. :)


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