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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fondant: Hello Kitty {Meow}


for a friend's 25th birthday recently. she requested something hello kitty. meow.

what you need:
fondant recipe. i halved this.
black icing
i was going to make the eyes and nose out of fondant too but i had some leftover gingerbread house candy.


what i learned:
color the fondant as you're making it. don't wait till the next day. it's a bitch.
duff of ace of cakes makes it look easy
it's great having a willing sous chef like nuria who enjoys the rolling part.

i put the fondant together and made the bows. Nuria rolled out the faces, cut up the ears and added on the whiskers. wonder twin powers! ACTIVATE.

we put the kitties on top of strawberry coconut cookies made by K1mposs1ble of Put a Spoon In It. she hasn't posted the recipe just yet. however, if you're interested in it, email me and i will share the doc.

inspiration and how-to found here.