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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Athenian Scarf


for my blog friend Trish's birthday this year i made her a scarf. granted, she lives in Texas where it doesn't get *that* cold.

until this year when it actually snowed down yonder. i sent the scarf to Trish mid February in the hopes that she'd be able to use it this season. it's a relatively light scarf, i used a small hook (size F/5 3.75MM) and the yarn was Red Heart, their Designer Sport line in Berry (Light 3oz).


i fell in love with this pattern some time ago but it was intimidating. it looks difficult but i made myself sit down one day and learn it. the tension is a bit off and there are some lines of loop that are waaaay small but i think it came out well. i probably will make this again, using another kind yarn, and maybe a bigger hook.

Happy Birthday Trish!!