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Monday, January 4, 2010

Crochet Heathers Throw - Baby O Blanket

6 months late. Baby O is crawling now. and positively adorable.


i found the most beautiful pale vanilla yarn, the last 1lb skein. when i reached the end, i went on a mad search all over the county for the same damn color. i even went on ebay. but to no avail. so i put the project down for 3 months.


until a twitter friend recommended i stripe it. so i did. i had to unravel half of the blanket. that did not amuse me.


however, when i presented the blanket to H yesterday, all the frustration over the yarn drama and monotony of the pattern was worth it. reactions like that are so rare and *that* is why i play with yarn and give them as gifts.

single stitch border around the blanket.

today's song: Michael Bublé, Home