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Friday, November 6, 2009

Volt - Ladies Lunch

i realize i have a separate blog that i devote to mainly restaurant reviews, trips etc. however, i have been lacking lately in going out much, or even taking trips. i could blame it on the economy but i won't. it's more that i can make (or attempt to) the food at home at a fraction of the cost. i could post this there but because i'm currently in the midst of vapidly following the Voltaggio brothers like a fangirl, i'll post it here.


back in late August, during DC's Restaurant Week, i joined my cousins and nuria on a trip to Frederick, MD for lunch at Volt and some antiquing. now, i took some good pix but i couldn't even tell you what everything was. i can tell you that while the food was delicious, the service was spotty. for the large group, we had a separate, private room. (i think it's also because buu knows the hostess and is friends with Chef Bryan's wife... yeah, i totally name dropped, don't be jealous...) she enjoys that type of VIP service. for me, i would've preferred to be with the rest of the crowd, to see what they're eating, how their server compared to ours, that kind of thing. it's me judging. it's what i do.

Picnik collage

irregardless, it was a lovely sunday - warm, sunny, inviting, the perfect day for a simple lunch and strolling thru downtown frederick hunting up used goods that somebody didn't want anymore. buu, nuria and i went with the wine pairing. we figured why not? never mind that i'm not a wine connoisseur, i stick to pinot grigio or Riesling but whatever. i do recall that i had ordered the pork but somehow ended up with the steak, and even tho buu had also gotten the steak, she and i had different red wines. it seemed like such a hassle to tell the server the order was wrong (i can't think of a time, ever, that i've sent food back or caused a fuss.) i chalked it up to a busy service and for me, a learning experience: i'll return to Volt when it's not restaurant week.

Picnik collage

i will say that the beet salad was wonderful, it was around that time that i had first tasted beets, enjoyed the flavor so decided to see how the chef prepared it. yep, i made my beets fine since it tasted pretty much the same, altho they have me on presentation. there was some cold corn soup that was ok. the steak was nice, but my favorite was the dessert. it was like a chocolate plate. chocolate mousse, chocolate powder, chocolate squiggly thing, chocolate cookie... i loved it.

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at the time, i left feeling a little let down but i've come to realize that there's very few times i've gone to posh restaurants during Restaurant Week and left happy. something about the quality of service and food that goes down during restaurant week, it's rushed, harried -- not how it normally would be if you paid full price for everything. i suspect my feeling of wanting to give them a second chance has to do with the fact that Chef Bryan is kicking some major ass on Top Chef. whatever the case may be, buu and i have been trying to get resos for Table 21 and they are booked solid till the Spring. phooey.

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  1. That plating is gorgeous. I'm dying to go there, just say the word if you want company. Jeff will go where ever.

  2. I am seriously obsessed with the Voltaggio brothers right now. They totally scare me, but I can't get enough. They should be on every season of Top Chef.

  3. jen - it'll have to be after the new year, when we can see how our schedules can sync up! :)

    chocolate & wine - i agree. i switch every episode with who i <3 more...