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Thursday, November 12, 2009

sunday supper - Baked Lemon Salt & Pepper Chicken

yes. i've been lazy lately. i haven't had much inclination to cook blog. i even boycotted twitter for 3 days. i just don't feel like being here. so without further ado, i present a dish i made sunday. it was a pretty day, warm and bright but i hadn't left my place all weekend. not even stepped out on my fire escape. i was feeling pretty damn anti-social, much like how i'm feeling right now about this here blog.

i chose wandering chopstick's Salt, Pepper, Lemon, Basic Baked Chicken recipe. what can i say, i jock the girl. i pretty much followed her recipe except i was an idiot and completely forgot to throw in the herb. she uses rosemary and i had a few sprigs of thyme hanging out and simply forgot until ... oh when i sat down to eat. yeah.


the only modificationa tweeks somethings i made to this recipe was the accidental ix-nay of an herb and i used two quarter pieces of the chicken. despite the lack of herb, it was still a successful dish. next time around (i'll be making this again very soon with the bff in NC when we prepare for the twilight saga: new mooon premiere. yes, be jealous...) i will add an extra lemon. the citrus freshness was very subtle, too subtle and i'd like it to be more pronounced.


Today's Song: Kings of Leon, Wasted Time


  1. Yay! Finally a baked chicken that you liked. I was so sad that you didn't like the others. I've been lazy too. Then felt a burst of cooking frenzy yesterday. Now back to being lazy.

  2. Love that plate arrangement!

    I can commiserate about the *blah* feeling. I'm chalking it up to November and everything starting to go into hibernation. My remedies so far have been lots of honey-lemon-ginger-habanero drink (crazy, I know!) and maybe some whiskey too.

  3. LAN!!!!Come back to us all in blogosphere. I have to agree w/the other guy, nice plate arrangement.

  4. 'Tis the season to bake & roast things until they crackle. Yay + yum.

    And laziness is the soul building up the energy for the next big push. Guilt is *not allowed*. Kthx.

  5. Chi WC, i loved the other recipe, i just kept messing up the timing and seasoning. i will get it right, eventually! :)

    aliza, nov and dec are crazy with the social obligations and having the fight the inclination to be anti-social. sigh. your remedy sounds fab tho!

    hw, i won't venture too far, i promise.

    mike, fiiiiiiiiiine. i'll work on not being so lazy. :)

  6. LAN!!!!Come back to us all in blogosphere. I have to agree w/the other guy, nice plate arrangement.