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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ode to Wandering Chopsticks: Ma Po Tofu

it's no secret that i harbor a food crush on Wandering Chopsticks, she's the Chị i never had. and i've been fortunate enough to have met her. don't be jealous. Chị WC, as i fondly call her, is wonderful - warm and effusive. i spent a lovely day with her in CA when i was in town for a phamily reunion. if you haven't visited her blog, you should. pretty much most of the things i've learned about blogging, i learned from her.


so i was uber excited when i noticed that this month is WC appreciation month, or more formally, October Tried & Tasted: Wandering Chopsticks, hosted by the Recipe Center. if i don't hit up my grandmother, then i go to WC for my vietnamese food fix. she knows everything. you want to know about fish sauce, she's got something on it. you want to know how to properly wash and cook rice? she's got you. she's like a one stop shop... restaurant reviews, her brand of soy sauce preferences, recipes of many nationalities, gardening tips and basic all around awesomeness. i've already created a few of her creations, and i intend to still use her as a point of reference and inspiration, so this challenge wasn't really much of a stretch for me. i made her Ma Po Tofu, a dish i made some time ago but now i'll just use her recipe cus it is the SHIT. it's effing pure genius. she asked me if she needed to tweek it and i was like, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! translation: no, please don't, why mess with pure perfection?


i actually had to make this dish twice in as many weeks. the first time turned out great but the camera that had the pix of such greatness was left at a friend's house and i wasn't about to trek 45 minutes to pick up said camera. my solution? to make the dish again, only this time, directing Nuria thru the process. the only change i made was the amount of spiciness and use of peppercorn. that's just a taste preference, everything else, it's all WC.

i've also been inspired by or made few dishes of WC's:

ma po tofu

Today's song: Charlotte Martin, Darkest Hour


  1. Hi AA,
    Great looking photo and a great dish. I join the club as another who deeply admires Wandering Chopsticks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're making me blush! I didn't realize you made so many of my recipes. Aww, thanks so much. Did I link them all back? Must double-check.

    I still need to re-do this recipe with silken tofu, so I'm always tweaking.


  3. Love love love oyur blog! Mapo tofu is one of my favourite dishes. Yum!!

  4. HW - we can have our own online club to basically extoll the virtues of WC! :)

    WC - seriously, this is one of my fave recipes of yours and there're still more that i want to attempt!

    Ellie - thank you! mapo tofu is fast becoming a fave of mine!

  5. Love love love oyur blog! Mapo tofu is one of my favourite dishes. Yum!!