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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10 Cloves of Garlic Chicken

i find it very inconvenient that my cooking cycle doesn't coincide much with the seasons. in the dead of winter, all i want to make are cool dishes like semifreddo or panna cotta. this past summer, while i've mainly consumed simple salads, i've been baking up bread almost weekly, causing my kitchen to be hotter than a witch's titty in a brass bra. further, i've had grand ideas for stews and soups that while lovely to put together, if eaten would make me all sweaty and quite cranky. i know, i know. the dilemma. and by the time the leaves turn fiery red, my fiery passion for hearty soups will have cooled and i'm wanting ice cream concoctions.

i found a compromise recently. Wandering Chopstick's Braised Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic. i didn't do the whole 40 cloves thing, mainly because Nuria's stomach would've revolted and i didn't have 3 heads of garlic hanging out, i used 10 cloves instead. i used drumsticks as well. the chicken came out succulent, soft but not mushy, and the sauce... hmmm. a spanish chardonnay was used, i could identify the fruity dryness of the wine. the rosemary added such a fragrance that can only be likened to sitting in a garden during the day when the sun is highest in the sky, giving the air a steamy earthiness to it. this dish isn't really a stew but there's definitely some stewing required on the stove. it satiated my need to make something heavy but came out light and refreshing. i served the chicken with steamed broccoli.


10 Cloves of Garlic Chicken
adapted from Wandering Chopstick who adapted it from Ina Garten

*i didn't measure, i had the same ingredients and followed the same steps but had varying amounts of everything

5 drumsticks (it came in a pack)
10 cloves of garlic
onion, diced (i used half a large onion)
white wine (i used chardonnay and it was about a cup)
As many rosemary sprigs as you'd like (i threw in 2 sprigs, i think)
flour (it may have been about 1/4 cup)
milk (i think i used 1 cup)
olive oil (just enough to coat the pot)

basically, brown the chicken drumsticks in the olive oil. when sufficiently browned, throw in the garlic, sauteeing until soft. add in the rosemary sprigs and the onions, stirring until all soft and mixed together. Pour in the wine. mix together the milk and flour, making sure the lumps are out, and add to the pot. put the chicken back in. turn the heat down, allow to simmer for about an hour. i forgot to add water to the pot, adding it about 30 minutes in but it still came out fine. season to taste.

Nuria now says this is her fave dish, trumping my brunswick stew.


today's song: Ray LaMontagne, Empty

(he has such a raspy, soulful voice)


  1. That's a hot kitchen! 8-)

    Good gawd, this looks good! I love the long simmer, getting the chicken nice and tender, and really deepening the flavor, I'm sure. And though the garlickier the better, I think 10 cloves is just about right.

  2. Yummy!

    I love your song of the day today. Pretty much love everything by Ray LaMontagne, actually.

  3. Um...40?

    Sounds delish, except for the thought of the original 40-clove H-bomb of a dish. Surely your kitchen would end up as uninhabitable as Pripyat (just down the road from Chernobyl)?

    When I was a young 'un, I proudly made my first spaghetti bolognaise for my parents, and made the terrible, terrible mistake of mixing up the words "clove" and "bulb" when making ingredients. For weeks afterwards, everyone in my home town knew where we were, just by flaring their nostrils.

    But that wasn't ***40***.

  4. tangled noodle, my thoughts exactly. wandering chopstick actually has 40cloves of garlic chicken bake that i'm going to attempt next. i just might do all 40cloves.... :)

    elizabeth, i only just discovered it but he has such a soulful voice!

    mike, the thing about garlic is that when roasted and cooked for long periods of time, the smell and flavor mellows out. it's not *as* garlic-y as you'd think. plus, the rosemary really complements that garlic. promise. :)

    pls. make your spaghetti bolognaise and blog about it!