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Friday, May 1, 2009

Recipes to Rival: Coq au Vin

Dear Fellow Recipes to Rival-ers,
i am a complete asshole. not only am i about 11 hours late in posting April's challenge, but i completely FAILED in making the dish. for this, i am sorry. i prepared this dish early too, in the hopes of having it for easter dinner. technically, i made it the day after easter but whatever. i'm not a red wine fan, in fact, i hate it. however, for you guys, i went to the wine store and purchased a bottle of red wine. it was actually a malbec, a Trapiche to be exact. i chose this wine because when i worked at the restaurant it was so popular, i figured it had to be good. long whiny story short, the end result was a mess. it was so unappetizingly UGLY that no matter how much lighting, plating and POST PROCESSING i did, it still looked like turd in a pretty bowl. AND. it was so ugly that i couldn't bear to eat it, even tho i had one bite and it was ... ok. i'm just saying.

Temperance was the fearless hostess (feel better soon!!!) and for actual beautiful pix of the Coq au Vin challenge, hit the blogroll.

i leave you with a pic of the beach in PR because it's pretty much the only thing i've uploaded to my flickr account lately, and that was still about 3 weeks ago. I KNOW!

till next month, keep the stove clean and hopping!
Angry Asian



  1. I'm sorry beelan, for your epic /phail ... but the good news is that you made me laugh yet again ... hi-fucking-larious, so thanks.

  2. Yeah, I did not like this very much either. I barely ate my serving. And it was ugly, one of my pictures I thought looked like a chicken graveyard.

  3. Yup - sorry about the failure, but you made me laugh really hard!

  4. Wow, a Malbec, those can be way dry! I'm sorry you had so much trouble with this one, it really isn't a pretty dish, but ours tasted good. Next time, try using Balsamic Vinegar instead, but leave out all of the soaking. Follow the day 2 steps.

  5. I have no comment on the wine, but I can certainly agree with unphotogenic. Good of you for trying though, at least this way you saved that 32 bucks ordering it in a fancy resturaunt.

  6. hi aa!
    i'm the same way - if my dish comes out ugly or unappetizing looking, i won't even serve it. i know it's a waste of food. sometimes my husband will eat it because he doesn't really care what it looks like as long as it tastes good.

    the word ver is:

  7. be con, so glad i amuse you! :)

    sara, what an apt description of the what the dish looked like!

    madam chow, thank you. even in failure, i find the funny side of things!

    debyi, i only had a sip of the malbec and honestly, it tasted like any other red wine i've ever had. thank you for the advice, if i ever make this again, i will def. use balsamic vinegar instead.

    temperance, thanks for understanding. however, my failure has not deterred me from at least wanting to try it in a fancy schmancy french restaurant! :)

    caninecologne, doesn't your hubs know we eat with our eyes first! :)