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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pollo Rebozado (Spanish Chicken Tenders)

would you believe i never had chicken tenders until college? i'd never even heard of "bar food" before. oh the wonders of having american dorm mates! :) living overseas definitely afforded me the opportunity to sample different cuisines, of the fancy to street fare variety. american "street fare" = bar food. fast and easy food, quickly made up and dressed, satisfying and belly filling and CHEAP! {that's what he said.}

my new roommate nuria has been the best sous chef for me. and it's been fun as hell trying new recipes with her but i have had a few dud days where i don't even want to set foot in the kitchen. i think we all go thru that? one night last week i was rushed for time, thinking about dinner and lunch the next day, as well as hauling ass to a kickball game (that was later cancelled just prior to the first inning due to rain...) like a team player, she stepped up to the plate. she tells me that this dish is something her mother used to make for her when she was younger. it was simple and quick. just how i like it. (that is NOT what he said!)


Pollo Rbeozado (Spanish Chicken Tenders)
from Nuria

1 lb chicken tenders (more or less)
1 ½ cups of flour
2 eggs
1 ½ cups of lavender breadcrumb (*)
1 tsp salt

Whisk the eggs and add the salt. We can add a little of milk (1tps) to the whisked eggs to make the mixture more soft.

Coat the chicken tenders in batter (first the flour and second the eggs) and fry them in abundant hot olive oil on a low heat until the coat reaches a golden color. Once fried, the chicken tender must be put on kitchen paper to drain the excess of olive oil.

(*) After the coat in batter, we can “re”coat the chicken tenders in lavender breadcrumbs and fry them as above.



  1. I like cooking with chicken cutlets. Feels like I'm enjoying both white and dark meat together. Your cutlets look really simple to make and versatile. I bet they would be good in a sandwich or salad. Love how you topped it off with lavender breadcrumbs!

  2. Do you use fresh breadcrumbs (as in pulsing the leftover lavender bread in the food processor and use it as is) or do you toast it first?

  3. these look absolutely delicious!! having a sous chef to lucky :)

  4. are those 2 diff. kinds? one looks breaded and the other not. both look DELISH!

  5. wow, lavender breadcrumbs? that's really different. i like making chicken tenders by rolling them in panko breadcrumbs. so light and flaky! i love crunchy food!

  6. friedwontons - i topped a salad with the chicken cutlets and they were divine, i didn't even need dressing.

    leela - i just pulsed the leftover lavender bread in my mini-processor. i did make toasted croutons with the lav. bread twice and it was absolutely fabulous. i don't think i'll ever go back to regular crumbs or croutons!

    ravenous couple - i am very lucky to have such a great sous chef! thank you.

    buu - yes, one was breaded and the other was not.

    caninecologne - me too! i adore crispy and crunchy foods. next time i'll see about playing around with panko breadcrumbs.

  7. Do you use fresh breadcrumbs (as in pulsing the leftover lavender bread in the food processor and use it as is) or do you toast it first?