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Monday, April 13, 2009

.: Toro Salao in Old San Juan :.

for our 2nd day in PR, jason and i walked the 3 miles to old san juan. it would've cost us $20 to take a cab! but the walk there made it worth it. and it worked up an appetite.



there are many little restaurants in old san juan. we wanted something outdoor. i don't know if we were looking for a hole in the wall or something fancy, we just walked. we came upon Toro Salao. i liked it because it had a very big outdoor seating area and it was close to the water. jason and i had decided to basically walk around, and when a restaurant struck our fancy, we would either stop for a drink or a plate. we ordered their lamb chops with couscous. jason washed his down with a corona and i tried the sangria.


the lamb was grilled to perfection, medium rare, tender and juicy. jason loved it. i preferred the couscous, it was almost like risotto.


it was a lovely place to stop. our waiter didn't speak english but i noticed a few american servers. the plate was $24 but i'd say it was well worth it.


  1. it looks like it was worth the walk!

  2. That place is great!! A little on the pricey side for some of the plates and drinks, but well worth it!!