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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Restaurante Escambrón

when jason and i arrived in Puerto Rico, we noticed right away that it wasn't sweteringly hot. it was windy. very windy. but the sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. we had been apprehensive about the weather, the meteorologists had forcasted storms and showers. that first night for dinner, we took a stroll by the water and happened upon Restaurante Escambrón. it was recommended by the hotel we were staying at so we went for it.


the first thing we ordered were pina coladas, that came out strong but completely refreshing:


i ordered a crumbled sausage wrapped in chicken boob topped with a tomato and pepper sauce, with a side of rice and sauteed veggies. the chicken was a little dry but the sausage was delish. my fave was a the veggies tho, they were doused in a butter garlic sauce.


jason went with a chicken and tomato concoction, topped with a white cheese, also sided with veggies and rice. he compared it to a chicken parmesan.


we were too full for dessert. i can't recall the exact price, it was probably around $15-20/plate. for the most part, most things in PR is expensive.

but the view? it was well worth it:


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