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Sunday, February 1, 2009

.:one night in india:.

the three times i've been to NYC with jab, without fail, we've had indian for dinner. and the other time before, with buu, we had indian. i could not tell you, tho, where the restaurants were. i can tell you tho it was always an experience. this past time, i made sure to make note of the name of the restaurant at least!

my love affair with indian food began when i lived in ethiopia. for the most part, during my two years there, i did not eat meat much. however, when we did patron the token indian restaurant in addis ababa i'd venture to have meat again. and my love for lamb and goat also started there. i'm a fan of lamb vindaloo but lately i've been all about the chicken tikka masala.

jab loooooves him some chicken vindaloo and without fail, he'll casually mention that he wants it spicy... and without fail, they bring out spicy for him. i remember one year it came out so spicy, he had to share my chicken curry. :)

prior to hitting broadway, he and i went to utsav, which means celebration. the decor was subdued, nice. jab and i enjoyed a drink at the bar first. the bartender was very welcoming, chatty which is exactly what jab likes. when we were ready for dinner we headed upstairs. i can't say it was elaborately decorated but i still liked it. while the server was very nice, i can't say he was as polished as the bartender. he didn't provide much of an introduction to the cuisine/menu and was kinda short when taking our order. of course jab went with the vindaloo and i opted for the prefixed menu.

i chose lasuni gobhi to start, cauliflower tossed in a garlic and tomato sauce. it was actually a bit on the spicy side, something i wasn't expecting. it came with a side of mixed greens.

for the main course, i chose the lamb pasanda, which came out tender and warm. not too spicy which was perfect for me. my plate had a side of mixed greens, sauteed spinach and saffron rice. the waiter also brought out a lentil stew, but he didn't realy say much other than that it was lentil.

while i enjoyed my entree, jab was sniffling thru his chicken vindaloo and naan. i encouraged him to try the indian beer. he was determined to finished his vindaloo. i had a bite and it was good, but the spiciness did creep up on me. a bite was more than enough for me.

to end the meal, i had mango mousse which i wasn't a fan of. i'm not much on ethnic desserts, not even vietnamese. i'm a basic chocolate cake or apple pie kinda girl.

overall, it was nice restaurant. by the time we left to go to the show, the restaurant had filled up with quite a bit of people, all older tho. i don't know if this restaurant were in baltimore if jab and i would go again. i personally felt some kind of warmth was missing from the atmosphere. my previous experience in nyc at other indian joints, there was always bollywood music blaring and a effusive amount of fawning from the servers.

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