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Friday, January 16, 2009

long awaited: Rice Crispy Treats

i had my first ever rice crispy treat in 7th grade home ec. that's where i learned how to sew (i made a fountain soda pillow) and i beefed with the blondes in my class. this was during the time of pegged jeans and ferocious hair sprayed bangs. i neither wore my jeans pegged nor did i wear my hair weighted down with hair spray. i was ahead of the trend, i wore my hair in a sleek bob, sans bangs, parted in the middle. oh yeah. my appearance was further enhanced, or shall i say, stunted by my oversized round glasses. and by that time, i had also acquired quite the sass-with-me-i'll-sass-you-back-more personality.

on the day that we, as a class, were to make these square gooey treats for the class dance, i was very excited. i was really looking forward to learning about cooking. both peter and my mom cooked, so there wasn't much room left for me to experiment in the kitchen. this was my chance. boy was i disappointed and annoyed when i realized that i would have to share in the duties with a group. a group i did not choose to be in. think of it as the cooking equivalent to being picked last in kickball. these girls, i'm sure they're nice now but back then? they were useless. they talked about boys and the upcoming dance and basically put me on cleaning duty. i didn't even get the chance to stir! when it was all set and done, i had one piece, but it was an unsatisfactory snack. i had no part in making it, other than cleaning up the crumbs. since then, i've never really been a fan of these things.

however, i bought a box of rice crispy cereal for a step in last month's daring bakers' challenge, the challenge i didn't do. it's been hanging out for a minute and i figured i'd make use of it. this time around, *i* not only cleaned up the mess, but i created the mess.


Rice Crispy Treats
from the cereal box

3 tbls butter or margarine
1 10oz package of marshmellows
6 cups of rice crispy cereal

heat up the margarine/butter and marshmellows until melted. add in the cereal. stir till completely mixed and transfer to a casserole dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray. allow to cool before cutting into.

this literally took me 10 minutes to do and i was taking my time. perfect for something fast to make for a party... or in my case, the chili cookoff at work.


today's song: PM Dawn, Memory Bliss


  1. These are so simple but so delicious!

  2. As soon as I saw these photos, I knew I wanted some! Looks DELICIOUS!

  3. HoneyB --
    the fastest and easiest dessert

    shannalee --
    they were great. :)