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Monday, January 12, 2009

different levels of Good: Tri-Mousse Cake

growing up, there were 7 core cousins in the pham-ily, 3 girls and 4 boys. we were all around the same age, give or take a few years. we three girls, buu, kim and i were really close. it just worked out that we got along well. i was the oldest and as such, any craziness buu came up with, i was automatically to blame and in the most trouble. and trust me when i say that buu was capable of coming up with the most randomest of craziness. kim, on the other hand, was quiet, more reserved and shy. as we got older, buu and i took turns being "bad", going thru quite the rebellious phase; the both of us pretty much shocking the living day lights out of our respective immediate phamilies. kim, however, held steady. she never gave any of us a moment of worry, always kind and quick with a smile and helping hand. kim is good, she's on that level. always dependable and...just plain GOOD.

this past weekend was her 26th birthday. buu decided to play personal chef and came up with quite the dinner spread: beef stew, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes and corn casserole. it worked out great for me, i only had to show up with dessert. i chose Manggy's Trio of Chocolate Mousse Cake.


Today's song, Toby Lightman, Real Love (sorry for the advertisement before...)

however, in regards to taste, this cake is in the league of Kim-Good. rich, velvety,chocolate-y and oh so GOOD! happily, she had two slices. the evening was also in the level of Kim-Good: filled with laughter and fun times. further, we spent Sunday together at the mall, doing whatever Kim wanted to do. So to Kim, Happy Birthday sweet girl! :)

this cake, like the dynamic of buu, kim and i, has different levels of good. i hearted the whole method. making the creme anglaise, whipping up the cream in my beloved standmixer (Isabella) and basically being able to lick every single bowl. i doubled the recipe tho because the smallest pan i have is a 9" springfoam pan. i think that i ought to invest in a smaller one tho... what wasn't so hot tho, was the presentation. not so pretty. it wasn't the evenest of layers which was annoying. i also decided to ix-nay the cocoa mirror glaze. i was just really lazy. i assembled this cake late friday night, at 1am, after my shift from the restaurant and i really wanted to finish the last few chapters of Breaking Dawn and well... you know.



  1. I love you! Best cousin ever!!!

  2. how much fun did we have!? i love laughing till my stomach hurts w/ you bitches, and when i say bitches, i mean the best friends a sister and cousin could have!

  3. First: I love that you named your standmixer, and I love that you picked Isabella, which is one of the coolest names ever. Second: This whole thing sounds like so much fun, I'm wishing I had a cousin! Or at least the cake. Either one, really.

    Happy birthday, Lan's cousin Kim! :)

  4. I love it! I have the same mixer but am sure I use it a fraction of the time that you, once a year:( I got it when we got married over 4 years ago and I think I've used it maybe (MAYBE) 5 times. sigh.

  5. You named your mixer Isabella, but do you call it Bella for short? The cake looks super NOM. Taste is where it's at. I loved your analogy of cake to cousin goodness. Happy Birthday to Cousin Kim! This was a sweet post.

  6. kim kima - i heart you too!

    buu - "you know that's a skirt, right?!" you hookers always can make me laugh!

    shannalee - i love love my standmixer and i love the name Isabella. it goes well! :) cousins make the best friends.

    chessa - the standmixer makes life so much easier in the kitchen, i adore mine. you must bust yours out! hopefully i'll make something someday that'll inspire you to.

    trish - i will call my standmixer Isabella. i thought of bella or even bells, but they have such a ring of either exasperation or caution to it... you know? you totally get me! :)

  7. Hi Angry Asian,
    You have some of the coolest creations! Certainly makes me hungry!