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Monday, January 26, 2009

.:Cooper's Tavern in NYC:.

for christmas, jab gave me a weekend in New York, complete with hotel, dinner and show. so we spent a leisurely day around new york, taking in the sights. around 1 we made it back to our hotel, The New Yorker, and grabbed a drink at Cooper's, a restaurant/bar connected to the lobby.

it was middle of the day, there was one guy sitting at the bar talking on the phone and watching the soccer game. jab wanted to watch the basketball game (md got completely schooled...). i was hungry. i perused the menu and it's so hard to get used to the price difference! i chose spaghetti with duck sausage meatballs. something pretty safe but still interesting.


it came out in a pretty bowl. the noodles were al dente, bit more so than i normally like it but jab liked it. i loved the meatballs. what i liked most tho was that it wasn't overwhelming. it was just the right amount. normally, i get inundated with food in my face at restaurants. overall, the waitstaff was in the background, probabl preparing for the evening rush. maybe a few more people came while we were there. we left a few hours later, only to return again for happy hour and there was an actual crowd.

coopers 2


  1. NYC is so expensive. What is that about? This really does look delicious, though, and I've never had duck sausage (or duck, for that matter).

  2. I love this photo! Love NY too! I'm an apple seed from long ago!

  3. I love this photo! Love NY too! I'm an apple seed from long ago!