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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

decadent Devil's Food Cheesecake

kelcy and i take birthdays seriously. {yet another thing about kelcy that i adore.} so serious that when i returned from my overseas trip last spring, i promptly booked a plane ticket bound for Charlotte. 8 months early. yes. that early. and sporadically, we'd discuss different dinner options, desserts, hot spots to hit. when, sometime in the summer, kelcy asked me to bake her her birthday cake, i was touched. misty eyed even. when i got over that, i had to think about WHAT TO MAKE. she loves all things sweet, as long as there weren't any nuts. ok. so kinda like my Timothy Cake, i had carte blanche. i finally came to the conclusion that the girl likes everything and anything, which makes my life so much easier. i settled on a simple cake, in concept. she likes cheesecake. she likes chocolate cake. put it all together and you get Devil's Food Cheesecake. God Bless Manggy because she totally scaled it down. the recipe calls for 6" pan, i only had an 8" pan handy so the cake turned out wider and the layers not as high. oh well.


what i did was make the cheesecake layer first, on Thursday night. nothing spectacularly hard. i didn't freeze. i must've skipped that part. the cake part i did Friday afternoon. kelcy didn't have cream of tartar and the recipe only calls for a pinch so that was left out. when i assembled the entire thing Saturday morning, i debated on whether to cut the cake into two layers. i decided not to. why make life harder? plus, i wanted to prep for Sunday's breakfast treats...

and so... on the cake stand, i plopped the cake layer down. generously lathered on the chocolate icing. next, i was bit more tender with the cheesecake layer, playing it face side down onto the icing and cake. finally, i added the frosting, heating it a bit so that it was a tad runny and would spill over the edge. allowed it all to cool.

so sunday morning (around 2:30am) after a night of dancing and mixed drinks, we girls all gathered round the kitchen, and sang, rather off key and more slurring than actual enunciation, Happy Birthday to Kelcy, we dug in... with a side of milk, and for some, beer. :)

Today's Soundtrack: Belinda Carlisle, Heaven is a Place on Earth


  1. The cheesecake layer is really interesting... I haven't seen that before but I'd bet it's wonderful.

  2. That Kelcy is a lucky lady! (Love your soundtrack today, by the way.)

  3. Oh.My.God.
    This cake looks so amzing and delicious. I might eat my computer. yum!!
    and, I love Belinda Carlisle btw. I used to sing this song from the top of my lungs. I had the tape!

  4. Fearless kitchen -- honestly, i hadn't either but the combo of cheesecake AND chocolate cake is SINFUL and so hard to resist.

    Elizabeth -- she is wonderful! thanks!

    Chessa -- the cake was so good, but only in small portions! and i loooove that belinda carlisle song, even after all these years!

  5. the cake was unreal. very rich and DELISH....

    is it wrong that i wanted to put my stretch pants on, cuddle on the couch and eat ALL of the myself? thought not.

  6. The cheesecake layer is really interesting... I haven't seen that before but I'd bet it's wonderful.