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Friday, November 21, 2008

pure blue scarf

i remember when i lived with my grandparents as a child, i would ask the most random questions and for the most part they would always answer me, patiently at first and then inevitably, i'd be sent to the corner for talking too much. i always liked seeing how far i could go before i was told to shut up. i remember asking my grandmother what her favorite color was. she told me it was blue. not just any blue, like the basic blue of a crayon. but the color of the sky in the early morning, she said. it reminded her of her home in vietnam, Nha Trang, when she would walk along the beach and watch the sun rise. she said it was the lightest of blue, pure and quiet. so i made her a blue scarf. i made one for grandpa, i couldn't very not make her one too. i couldn't find a sunrise blue but this blue ought to do.


the pattern calls for just one skein and the end result comes out very long, and i think, pretty. i'm sure she'll find fault in it but i'll be amused anyway because i know it's her way of saying thank you. i think it took me about two nights to complete. i should've made it thicker in width, maybe. that's what i'll do next time. it doesn't get too cold out in cali but it's still pretty nippy for them.

today's soundtrack: Beth Nielsen Chapman, Beyond the Blue (you'll have to click on the preview, there is no video of this great song

"Away beyond the blue/One star belongs to you/And every breath I take/I'm closer to that place..."


  1. OMG! I love the scarf, I made one of those for myself, but out of Pattons wool so it's too itchy to really wear :(.

    Thanks for the music suggestion, I love the song Emily she sings, reminds me of a childhood best friend!

  2. I cannot even tell you how awesome I think it is that your grandma was so specific about the shade of blue. She sounds awesome.

  3. Love the scarf. I, too, adored my grandparents. I wish they were still alive, I would try to knit or crochet a scarf for each of them. I loved the description of the sky in the morning.

  4. thank you Marye!

    kirby -
    i may have to make this scarf for myself, it wraps around just so nicely and it was so fast to make. i'm glad you like the song!

    shannalee -
    yes, she is awesome. it's descriptions like that that i remember from back then. :)

    lynne -
    thank you. i am very lucky that you're still alive and kicking for me to crochet for.

  5. Ooh, pretty. I'm sure she'd like it. I like the scalloped border. I've been meaning to try that, but then I stick to just normal rows of scallops or just straight.

  6. wc --
    thanks! i'm sending it along this week for her. i'm crossing my fingers that she won't find fault in it. :P

    i find that when i do the straight edge borders, i lose or add stitches and the end product is rather skewed. with intricate stitches, it requires me to pay attention and count more. :)