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Sunday, November 9, 2008

despondent dashing

i have to work today, as in... somehow or other i received the not so covetous honor of being put on call ALL day (11-10pm), on a sunday, at the restaurant (new hours, they've never been open on sundays before, this is trial run). i was under the impression that with two managers and a busser working, that the likelihood of me being called in was slim. slim turned to massive obesity when one of the managers had a gentleman caller come visit her for the weekend and so she ix-nayed her shift and put me on. am i bitter? morning coffee with friend? nope. lunch and matinee with jab? negatory. pumpkin potluck? no flippin way.

so real quickly before i deal with the church crowd, enjoy.


vicarious view.



  1. I had just been wondering how the part-time job was going (had been thinking of doing something similar). Big bummer about Sunday and EVEN BIGGER BUMMER ABOUT MISSING PUMPKIN POTLUCK! :(

    Hope that doesn't happen too much with this restaurant!

  2. i wouldn't be happy too if i were to work on a sunday :o(

  3. shannalee -
    i really don't mind working at the restaurant. in fact, i like interacting with the customers alot and explaining how the dishes are made. i just really do not like the owner's daughter and i think that block prevents me from fully enjoying my time there.