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Sunday, November 2, 2008

busy sunday

quick update post. nothing fancy here, sorry! busy day planned and it's only 11! hit the farmer's market and bought 3 lobsters on sale! my poor roommate will play sous chef again while i fumble my way thru with these lobsters. oh but the dishes i have planned!

uncle lee is stopping by to check on a window, and possibly some fresh ideas on how to remodel my kitchen. i am so excited. i know it'll still be awhile before i can afford to start on remodelling but it'll hopefully give me an idea of cost and a concrete idea of where my tips should go (other than my yarn addiction). halloween night was long (a 12-top walked in 30 minutes before closing time, dressed up and slightly tipsy! wtf?!) will post pix on facebook when i get the chance!

real quick:

Election Day is coming up, are you going to vote? if you're still undecided, Politico will have campaign information for you.

read: Random Mutterings

drool: Eat Make Read (thanks Shannalee!)

sew cute!: Children's Boutique

cheap fashion: The Recessionista

craft love: Greeting Arts

that's it for now. i have a kitchen floor to clean, quick asian market run and then crazy baking. (as well as losbter-ing to do)

Have a great Sunday!

Today's Soundtrack: Death Cab for Cutie, Your Heart is an Empty Room

"And all you see/Is where else you could be/When you're at home/Out on the street/Are so many possibilities/To not be alone..."


  1. Three lobsters? Tres impressive! Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. tell me more, lobstah's and windows, my kind of talk!

  3. shannalee - i ended up making only one official dish, a soup i'll post in a few days. 3 lobsters just doesn't go far! :)