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Monday, November 24, 2008

3 meat - 2 bean Chili

i hate it when i go food shopping and i'm inspired to make something new or just make dinner but things get in the way. things like a missing camera. a layoff. a new laptop to purchase. interviewing. gift-making. CSI:NY watching. so the food in the fridge hang out until it's on the verge of spoiling and something has to happen. so i make chili happen.

recently i had spicy sausage, ground turkey and pork in the fridge. all in small quantities that they wouldn't make much of anything on their own. into the pot it went. i had two cans of beans: pinto and red beans in the pantry. i wanted to finish off the last of my tube of tomato paste. a dash of spice here and there, stir and topped with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese. it fed me, my roommate and jab. crystal and i went a little crazy that first night, we were so excited. i had baked a squash challah bread that was sooooo good dipped in the chili. i can't begin to tell you everything that i put in that pot. but trust me, it was good.


today's soundtrack: The Fray, You Found Me

"Lost and insecure /You found me, you found me/Where were you, where were you?/Just a little late /You found me, You found me..."


  1. you're so clever! I love chili! I also love the Fray.

  2. elizabeth -
    so glad you're back! :) this chili came out so well and is such a warmer during these chill months.

    chessa -
    thank you! i've only just gotten around to really liking the Fray, they really get to the heart of the matter sometimes.

    kevin -
    thanks so much!

  3. I just love the title on your header, makes me LOL!
    And the CHILI! Love it too! I could eat bowls of this. It give me the same satisfaction and comfort as rice...well, kinda! ;) Love my rice!

  4. rice couple -
    nothing comforts me more than rice! chili is a nice tummy warmer but rice warms my soul. :) thanks so much for stopping by.