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Saturday, October 4, 2008

.: Zella's Pizzeria :.

not many restaurants deliver to my neighborhood. it's just on the outskirts of downtown, too far for those joints but also too far for the restaurants out in the county. so when Zella's Pizzeria opened up in the Hollins Market area i was so psyched. their menu was bright, well written and printed on really good paper. it had to be good, right?


so right! i don't think i've ever been dissatisfied with their service or food. i have yet to speak to anyone who is rude on the phone. they are the embodiment of customer service. call me jaded but anytime i've ever ordered take out or delivery anywhere else, the person on the phone either can't speak english properly (i'm not talking about accents, i'm talking about proper spoken grammer) or is just plain rude.

this past summer i finally figured out where they were actually located. i always thought they were just a rinky dink take out joint but they're an actual restaurant.


on a fine sunday afternoon i decided that i wanted to have dinner at their restuarant. my friend Tim was driving home to DC from NYC so he stopped in to grab a bite with me. the establishment was clean. and empty. granted it was around 4:30pm. we grabbed a table by the window. the place is really spacious, and the bar area seemed well stocked. i can't recall if there's a flat screen tv ...

anyway, i always get their caprese salad. i love the combination of mozzarella cheese, ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. their pita bread is fresh. we decided to share a pizza, altho really, anything on their menu is fantastic. i'm not usually a sandwich person but about 75% of the time, i get a sandwich. but a pizza with a friend is more fun. we ordered the spicy chicken bbq pizza, which came with mushrooms and red onions. it was delicious. we also decided to live dangerously and got dessert: tiramisu. i don't think they make their desserts on-site. the tiramisu was good, but still slightly frozen.

overall, it was a lovely afternoon. warm and sunny. people trinkled in slowly and by the time we left, the bar had quite a few patrons just hanging out and half the tables were taken up with diners.

i'm definitely a fan of Zella's. i just wish they were open on Tuesdays. i have indoor soccer those nights and sometimes coming home, i'm ravenous and a zella's sandwich would so hit the spot ...


Zella's Pizzeria
1145 Hollins Street
Baltimore, MD 21223
(410) 685-6999

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