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Friday, October 31, 2008

sweet treats ...

i feel like this week is all gushing. forgive me while i gush one more time this week. jen of Delightful Delicacies sent me the cutest little treat. some time ago i won a random drawing. and my prize? the cutest little Pierre Hermé miniature set. i'm hooked. now i have to have the other 7, and collect other miniature food sets.


or i have plenty of knick knacks up in my crib and it would just be another dust magnet that i need to wipe down every week. unless i collected enough to warrant buying a full on special display case to ward off the dust...


thanks Jen for such a cute treat!

Today's Soundtrack: Godsmack, Voodoo

"Find my shade by the moonlight/Why my thoughts aren't so clear./Demons dreaming/Breathe in, breathe in..."

Happy Halloween! May your tricks be rewarded with sweet treats!


  1. BOO! what a cute way to start off your day w/ treats on Halloween! Too adorable. Have fun tricking and treating, Love~ the realest Buu

  2. so glad you got it! my packaging jobs weren't the greatest....

  3. michele - it's adorable! i now know why you're so hooked on these little sets!

    jen - you're the bestest. the packaging was fine.