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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

spirit cupcakes

with the exception of 1 quarter at an american high school, i've never attended a school with a football team. overseas, there was soccer or rugby, but not american football. as a result, when i applied for university, attending a football school wasn't one of my priorities. i'm still not that passionate about the sport but i think i can finally say i understand the concept of the game, and even appreciate some of the plays.

another thing about never attending a football college and moving around as often as i did it's hard to have a loyalty for any team. i guess the Washington Redskins would be my home team since i lived in that area the longest, but i live in a city where everyone seems to bleed purple. nah. i like not having a team to follow. i usually cheer on whichever team that has the prettiest color anyway. it makes sense. :)

however, my bestfriend is a die-hard Notre Dame fan. and i'm loyal to her. i keep abreast to how the fighting Irish are doing. i'm annoyed at the refs when she is, i cheer on the quarterback when she does and i'm happy when they win. her boyfriend is a Tennessee Vols fan. i like the color orange and that's their color.


in making a care package for kelcy, i decided to throw in a little treat. the crochet cupcakes are so effing cute. i made one in green for ND and the other in orange for TN. lord knows what they can do these these spirit cupcakes but hopefully it'll make them smile every time they look at it.


and now i just totally realized something. ND's colors are Blue and Gold. why in the world would i make her cupcake green then? because her myspace profile pic is a green leprechaun!!! so it's natural for me to think that their color is green right??? this would normally annoy me for being so incredibly wrong but alas, it's making me giggle. she's getting a green cupcake just for the hell of it then.

for the green cupcake, i used Bittersweet's cupcake pattern.

for the orange cupcake, i used Priscilla Hewitt's cupcake pincushion pattern.

both were easy to make, only a few hour's work each. i must not be a great stuffer cus mine came out slightly off.

of course, please don't forget about the boob bake off!


  1. hi Angry Asian, thanks for the comment on just cook it and for the vote of sympathy! You have a great blog.

  2. but you cant eat them.........

  3. Again, way too cute! Only thing that made me smile all day :)

  4. alex -
    thank you!

    liz -
    yes, so they're fat and calories free! :)

    aj -
    aren't they? they're the most useless but cutest trinket to have.

    kirby -
    i'm glad something i made made you smile! :)

  5. I love these little cupcakes!! I carry mine with me everywhere. Okay well, everywhere when I have a reason to bring along my pincushion.

    Sometimes I make up reasons why. :)

  6. meg -
    thank you!

    jen -
    once you figure out the ins and outs of crocheting, you'll be able to whip these up in no time!