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Sunday, October 12, 2008

sock happy

it's been a glorious weekend. warm and sunny. i even managed to snap a few pictures. naturally, i was in a cooking and baking frenzy. blame it on my boyfriend. he bought me a waffle maker so i had to make waffles, specifically these. thankfully, my kitchen doorknobs challenge is a breakfast/brunch one this month; i'll be posting about it later this month. jab also requested that i make him the chocolate chip cookies again. i may just make the dough for him to keep in his freezer and he can pop them in the oven when he has a craving.

i also baked for the boobie bakeoff, i'll upload pictures later this week, when i'm sure the weather will turn for the cold and i'm back to being bitter about the loss of Summer. i managed to put away my summer tanks and shorts and took out my sweaters. i also cleaned up my sock "drawer" which is just a plastic container i keep under my bed. a few mismatched socks, a lot of knee highs that i've accummulated over the last few years, as well as some holiday ones that precious friends have gifted to me. hooray for SOCKS!


i didn't do much blog stalking this week. trying to keep up with the greats ones i've already found, maybe dropping one or two... and of course, always inspired to do more and be better with my own. enjoy!

Jezebel - i only perused this site briefly but i'll be back often. fashion, gossip, politics, tongue in cheek satire, all catered to women. whoop.

Declutter It! - don't we all need this?

Simply Home Remedies - my blog mama writes this blog too and the tips for easy home stuff are priceless. love it!

Zakka Life - she's crafty and knitty.

Ample Sanity - you know i had to have a good read in here somewhere...

and that is all i have for you this week. :) in the next few days i'll be posting my entry for the boob off, probably two lunches for jab and a craft item. sit tight.


anyway, please don't forget to do something about your boobies, whether it be participate in a walk, another walk, the bake off or feeling yourself up for any potential bumps.

Today's soundtrack: Priscilla Ahn, Dream

I asked God who I'm supposed to be/The stars smiled down on me/God answered in silent reverie.


  1. How are socks related to tuong ot xa? I like the bumblebee.

    Or am I the connection? I love socks. I have leprecaun socks from Dublin with fake gold buckle on elf shoes and green and white striped sock part. Ha!

  2. girl i thought the same thing. but it *must* be because you're the common factor! :)