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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dark Chocolate Yogurt Cake with Strawberry Icing

it's finally that time. i'm going to unveil my entry for the Boobie Bake Off. voting begins October 17th at Baking Delights.

Marye will have all the entrants on her blog starting then. it's $1 per vote, and you can vote as often as you'd like, so please vote more than once and be sure to add the name of the blogger in the description that you're voting for. all proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, in the winning blogger's name. there'll be a paypal button for you to click on to do all that.


my added kicker to this, if you email me) with proof that you've voted, i will add your name into a raffle (and it doesn't matter if we're related, if we work together, are strangers, former friends, bloggers, etc). on the 24th, when voting is over, i'll pick a name and whoever it is, wherever you are, per your request i will crochet whatever you want. (what i mean by that is: scarf, skull cap, stuffed animal, or baby item like booties or blanket.) depending on the number of times you vote, that's the number of times your name will be added into the raffle. and you don't even have to vote for me, you can vote for anybody you want, as long as you vote and you show proof of it. just be sure to put something about the Raffle in the subject line.


onto the actual recipe/dish. i made this dish TWICE in the same amount of days. the first time, i forgot the sugar in the cake batter and to say the cake tasted like ass is an understatement. the icing also came out odd. I used Little Corner of Mine's Dark Chocolate Yogurt Cake. i'd been looking for the ultimate chocolate cake for awhile now (long story short, during exam week during my sophomore year of college, my roommate Lindsay bought us a grocery store chocolate cake with white icing that we lived off of. it was decadent, delicious and oh so bad for us. and we ate every crumb.) so when this cake popped up i knew i had to make it. first time around, i made it with yogurt. second time, i was out of yogurt so i used sour cream. it still came out moist and yum.

for the icing, i'm not a fan of weird colors. i heart pink dearly but icing should be white or chocolate and maybe tan for coffee. and that's it. however, in the spirit of things, i decided to use strawberries and not food coloring. my first try, it came out watery and just plain... bad. i followed the recipe, except i used strawberry jelly with seeds (it's what i had!) it tasted good and my roommate ate the stuff in spoonfuls until i told her stop ruining her dinner (i was also making dinner). the 2nd attempt was a little bit better but nowhere near the consistancy of the original inspiration. i used Sophistimom's Icing recipe. i also used actual strawberries and not jelly. i didn't bother with the whole blending it so there was no pulp because toward the end there, i wanted to just dump everything into the bin and pout on my couch. let's just say this whole fiasco has proven that i can be as big of an assclown and inept in the kitchen as my grandma thinks.


so the end product, the cake was finally sweet but made with sour cream, the icing was slightly pink and i topped it all with some fresh smashed strawberries.

Today's Soundtrack: The Divinyls, I Touch Myself

my last words: check yourself, in the kitchen and in your shirt.


  1. well now i have two reasons to vote :)

  2. i'm too late for your bake off, so I'll just sit here and drool for a bit, then wander off and touch myself. Good event.

    I'm also drooling over yor zucchini chips!

  3. What a wonderful recipe! Yum!

  4. my sweetest day - yay! please don't forget to email me when you do vote and i'll enter your name into the raffle.

    dee - but it's not too late to vote! :)

    meg -thank you!