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Saturday, October 4, 2008

.: Haunted Joy Ride :.

so i am horribly late with all my reviews. it happens when one authors multiple blogs and gets burned out. but i do have a backlist of reviews to post. i'll shoot to have them up by month end.

anyway, last month, jab and i went to Ocean City. we were supposed to have gone to Puerto Rico but Ike took care to eff that up. OC was still a lot of fun tho. very nice and relaxing and we only had one day of rain.

on the last night, jab and i took a walk on the boardwalk. for the end of summer, it was still pretty busy. the fair was shut down for the season but there were still some booths open to play. we came upon a haunted ride. jab of course wanted to go on it. i am not a fan of scary stuff, he's all about horror movies, scary books and pictures.

i was more concerned with getting motion sickness. the train was ricketty and thoughts of it breaking down mid-tour did cross my mind ... but i survived. i was glad when the tour was over tho. :) $3/person, a few pics and jab happy... it all worked out.


  1. Ugh! I so don't do scary... Those are some dynamic shots tho. Glad you made it out OK.

  2. trish --
    i hate scary stuff too but i couldn't very well let jab go by himself... something could've happened to me while i was waiting for him to finish his ride! :)