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Saturday, October 4, 2008

.: Fish Tales in Ocean City :.

in continuing playing catch up, my last post about the ocean city trip last month is about the last dinner we had there (that was 3 "lasts" in 1 sentence...). we decided to go to Fish Tales. not only was it just across the street from our hotel, but some random lady with a stroller told us it was good. for a sunday night, it was packed. we didn't have to wait for a table but it did take a moment for our server to greet us.


jab and i had just walked on the boardwalk and i think we may have walked a couple of miles, we were pretty hungry. and despite my aversion to mexican food and having had it a few nights before at Pepper's Tavern, i ordered a fish taco. yes, I KNOW. same dish in one weekend and MEXICAN! it was good tho. granted, i don't recall everything from that evening but i didn't hate it.


i'd go back... just for the view ...


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