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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

birthday invitationals

big k's birthday isn't until december but she and i have already gone to great lengths to giggle over plans for that weekend. i'll be flying into Charlotte a day earlier than originally planned, to hang out and bake and cook and essentially, drive her poor boyfriend batty as i make him my sous chef and gopher. she asked me to bake her cake and i offered to make a dinner spread. (i foresee A LOT of eating that weekend... actually, a lot of other things too...) last week she asked if e-vites were still cool. i think they are but i offered to make her invitationals. just for a little special personal touch. it's not everyday you turn 30, going on forever 21.


and so i spent 3 sessions on my couch and coffee table creating some cards. normally, cards are uniform and once the first card is created, the rest should be a cinch. yeah. too bad i get bored easily and doing the same card over and over again would've annoyed me. i ended up with 12 different ones instead. i have a fear that my xmas cards this year will take me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. because of this silly inclination to make every card different, thereby forcing me to spend even more time on a product that will eventually get chucked anyway. this thought still does not deter me. well. ask me how i am in late November...

i left the inside pretty blank, save for maybe a stamp to tie it all together, for kelcy to write in her announcement. i'm so used to taking food pictures that when i set out to take pictures of these cards, i was slightly at a loss.

Lest you even think that i'm remotely creative, i drew a lot of inspiration from crafters and stamp bloggers. i credit Lenora, a fellow Baltimore Broad, for introducing me to the world of homemade cards and scrapbooking. I also visited these blogs for some assistance:

Stamp Time Somewhere
Stamping By the Sea and her new site
Stamp a Little Love Baby!

i don't know what the protocol is. these creative ladies had their cards up for all to view and the last blogger even had the layouts of her designs etched out. i don't use the same products (stamps, papers etc) but some of my cards were copied from what they posted on their blogs. but it does make me wonder if they can even copywrite the designs? i mean, paper, ribbon, stamp placement can't be copywrited, right?

whatever, i'm still giving them just props because they're fabulous and i'm just a wannabe.

Today's Soundtrack: Madonna, Bad Girl

"Bad girl drunk by six/Kissing some kind stranger's lips/Smoked too many cigarettes today..."


  1. Oh, how pretty are those!!!
    And did I wear a new outfit everyday? YES! Five days...five different outfits...all the kids had many more though...hehe!

  2. these invitations are wicked awesome!