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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

apple of my eye

as i've mentioned a few times before, jab and i went apple picking two sundays ago. i've already made one other apple item. i made my 2nd item last night. and yet i still have quite a bit of apples left! i *may* have to make more than 3 apple-y items this season. thankfully, i am not tired of them yet.

one of my new fave bloggers is Shannalee and she made the cutest apple pie-like pastry last week. since i work from home on Mondays and this recipe calls for a lot of down time but minimal prep work, i thought i'd make a batch. too bad, i also made plans to make my Daring Baker's dish of the month too. so there was a bit of shuffling, timing, as well as cookie sheet sharing. i didn't have dinner til closer to 9pm because i had to clock in a few hours work after 5pm and baking didn't commense til around 7. whew!


i followed the dough recipe and her filling recipe to a T, so i won't bother posting the the recipe here. on a few of the pies tho, i did use nutella and strawberries as fillings. just to add a bit of variety. i didn't forget to add a spot of egg wash on top but i did forget the sprinkle of sugar.


i am in love with the dough. i hate the downtime thing but so worth it in the end. it was flaky, but still moist. i wasn't so diligent about making sure the lip of the pastry was fully closed so during baking, they did open up. oops. i still have half the dough in the freezer and i think my next batch will be savory. the dough reminded me of Bánh Pâté Chaud and that will be what i make next with the leftover dough!

in the meantime, allow me to quickly tell you why my boyfriend is so awesome. i've been asked if jab realizes how lucky he is to have me as his gf, making him lunches during the week etc. well. just to clarify, i'm the Lucky One. he spoils me rotten. he brings me flowers randomly, just for giggles. he's sent me flowers to the office when i'm down. he puts up with my yarn thing, my cooking thing, my photography thing, my reading thing and pretty much all my other things. and one specific act of putting up with me: the apple picking. he usually puts in a few hours of work on sundays. on that particular sunday, he woke up early to head to the office and was done by noon so we could go to the orchard. (he normally likes to sleep in til 10 and then head to the office). further, with my braces, biting into apples is a no-no. after watching me attempt to bite into an apple delicately (cus let's face it, licking the hell out of an apple is just not cutting it!) for about a minute, he grabbed it from me and made starter bites for me. all together now: "AWWWW!" and that is why i'm lucky.

Today's Soundtrack: David Archuleta, Crush

i am slightly embarassed that i like this song so much but it's very catchy.


  1. You guys are SO cute I can't stand it! :) Glad you liked the hand pies, and I LOVE the nutella/strawberries idea! (I've been known to put that medley on a butter-browned pita from time to time.)

  2. I had no idea David Archuleta had a single out! What a little cutie... I'm embarrassed right along with you because I like the song & video :)

  3. haha I was routing for Archuleta the whole show! Hub was rooting for the other david, although I like them both.

    p.s. I think you deserve this:

  4. haha I was routing for Archuleta the whole show! Hub was rooting for the other david, although I like them both.

    p.s. I think you deserve this: