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Sunday, October 26, 2008

15 minutes of Asian Fame

this week has been both busy but incredibly slow. i hate that. and it's also been cold. i hate that even more. anyway, it's been busy because i'm back to recruiting but also doing some marketing at work so that keeps my hands full. i'm in massive crochet mode now that my cards are done for a few weeks. the scarf i'm in the midst of making for grandma is turning out pretty enough but i can imagine her saying it's not keeping her warm so i might have to give this scarf to one of my sisters and make something else for GM. emails slowly trickled in for the boobie bake off, only one stranger emailed me, every one else were friends (i heart you all so much for supporting this!)


view from my car in the garage at work. it's pretty. before all the cars are parked and the view is obscured.

check it... i'm going to be a little lean again this week on blog surfing links.

it is mind blowing how some people are so creative! Kathleen Dougherty takes it to a whole other level with dress up. be prepared to simper.

more sighing. a year of evenings.

lastly... i've been an avid reader of Disgrasian for awhile. two sassy asian women write this blog and it's always entertaining as hell. they get political, philosophical, smart, sarcastic... all with an asian twist. some of what they say make such perfect sense to me. earlier in the week i came across a youtube video of a korean girl singing and dancing. she was fierce. i sent it right to Disgrasian and they posted it, along with a shoutout to me! and the following convo ensued on gchat with buu:

me: BUU LINH. have you been to Digrasion lately??!?!?!?! i got a shoutout!
{whispers} please show appropriate amount of excitement

Buu: whoa, no i haven't been there lately

me: i'm like on a freaking high, i got a f****** shout out from these cool ass bitches

me: buulinh i think this officially makes me cool... albeit for just a day but i'll take it

Buu: you got it girl. way to one up everyone today

me: thanks! now i will scour my reader to ensure there's an asian article to send to them in the hopes of always being in their favor. i sent them an article about the korean singer and the youtube video

Buu: gotcha. look atchu

me: and they sweat it and i know they sweat me too

Buu: i know too... you are so popular chi Lan.

damn skippy!!

Today's soundtrack: BoA, Eat You Up

(i tried to pick a lyric but it is so atrociously gawd-awful that i couldn't. however, the tune is catchy and the girl can dance... buulinh has promised to learn the steps and we will hopefully make a video of it...)


  1. Hi Lan! Please check out my blog. I have an award for you. Hope you don't already have it. If so, now you have two!

  2. michelle --
    thank you so much for the award, i am so flattered and honored!

  3. michelle --
    thank you so much for the award, i am so flattered and honored!