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Sunday, September 28, 2008


today's post will not be about crafting or cooking, not directly anyway. just some random updates, blog shout-outs and preview of the week to come.

i fear that my blog posts are going to be scarce and/or short in the coming weeks. it's been a slow summer at work, it seems the economy has put a damper on all things and as a result, i have not made commission since the spring. my role has shifted a bit, and while i am grateful that i haven't been laid off, it's a role that does not include the extra oomph that HR sales provides. i am not complaining, i realize that i am very fortunate to be a part of a company that has the foresight to work around such things as Hiring Freezes. having said that, i decided to take on a part time position with a neighborhood restaurant. my neighborhood is a growing one and when i found out about this place, i was excited. it gave me hope that it would draw more business to the area, as well as gently introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the Baltimore public. my review of their menu is less than favorable but i am hopeful that the joint will improve. plus, i need the tips. i am trying to see this position as good exposure to food prep and customer service. as most of my friends know, i am not a warm and fuzzy person per say but i think this will teach me to be more tolerant and ...gasp... helpful. let's see if any beer will be dumped on anyone's head...

so without further ado, i present some of my week's blog hawking:

Mama Blog is hosting a Giveaway. Check it out.

Soy and Pepper. i love her bento lunches, very pretty and innovative. don't be surprised if some of my lunch-in posts are inspired by hers! :)

Apartment Therapy. My cousin Kim introduced me to this site. living in the city, the space is slightly smaller so decorating can be a bitch. jeez, this website can show you the light! i prefer the down home country comfort look and yet i dwell in the city, go figure.

James Starmer - Food. he's local. and he eats squirrel. you have to check out his waffle sandwich. i would break down and buy a waffle maker if i wasn't so broke and needing to take a damned part time waitressing job.

Monster Crochet. She has a Gollum Hat Crochet Pattern. Need i say more?

My Kitchen, My World. sigh. i wish i could join this. what fun! every week someone comes up with a country and you just create a dish from there. it's like a passport to eat. but i'm already overextended. i'm bummed. damn economy.

Operation Baking Gals. i did however join this. i bake at least one batch of cookies a week. rather than go to my thighs, they may as well go to our troops overseas, so they know we're thinking of them. won't you join in too?

Fashion is Poison. my cousin buu is an obnoxious fashion whore. the way i am with yarn and food, she's that way with shoes and clothes. she sent me this link some time ago and this girl is so fresh and fierce. and she's asian. :)

Last, but most def. not least, please don't forget about the upcoming month of October, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. this is for a good cause. if you can't participate in the walk, bake for the Boob Off. you can read about it here.

Today's Soundtrack: New Kids on the Block, Single


  1. that gollum hat is AWESOME. I have to relearn crochet-ing simply for that... although I'm thinking those fingers might make as a debut creation. And that scarf! so awesome.


  2. I think it's awesome that you've picked up a side job, especially one that exposes you more to food. (Sometimes I dream of doing the same, honestly. But. I'm. Just. So. Tired.)

    And I'm very glad you joined Baking Gals!

  3. jen -
    there are just too many things in this world for us to create and cook! :) now if only we had the time and bank for it all.

    shannalee -
    i have to keep things in perspective. i am so incredibly stingy with my spare time and now i'm going to have even less of it, it's all going to be about time management now.

    i'm very excited about Baking Gals too! i'm still up in the air as to what i'll be baking tho!