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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saving Boobies

Next month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. i am very lucky to not know anyone directly who has suffered from this disease. last year i participated in the walk. this year i am taking part in not only supporting Big K's Team Fun Bags on their run, but also, i'm going to join in the Boobie Bake Off.

the economy sucks right now. i'm not going to lie, i've been doing some adjustments to my budget and it's still pretty tight for me. planning ahead to get all my errands done in one run so i'm not constantly driving to wherever. foregoing the movies. cutting back on my sports (no dodgeball for me this season!) and i haul ass past the yarn, books, magazine, makeup and baking aisles at target, walmart, michaels and joann's just to avoid temptation; sticking only to must-haves. it blows. but for this cause... well. boobies are important.

my Blog Mama is hosting this event. Basically, bake something Pink and post the recipe and picture between Oct. 1st and 15th on your blog, linking back to the event. Marye will then post the round up on Oct. 17th. Then voting begins til Oct. 24th. the cost to vote is $1/vote, paid via Paypal. you can vote as many times as you want, but it is $1 every time.

Here is my spin:
Email me an image of the receipt of your donation/vote and i will put your name in a hat. if you voted 1x or 100x, that's the amount of times your name will go in the hat. at the end of voting, i will pick out a name from the hat and the winner will receive a crocheted item, you can pick what. i will ship anywhere. and anyone can participate, as long as you email me proof of vote(s). pham-ily, friends, coworkers, neighbors, bloggers, whoever.

fyi, henceforth, i will be reminding readers (all 2 of you) of this post til the end of Boob Voting.

for your view pleasure, last year's entries.


  1. Absolutely Marye! as long as you show me proof of vote(s). haha! :)

  2. This is another really great idea! I think I want to participate as well, and I'm totally doing the same thing you are; distracting myself when I see tempting crafty things and better quality foods. It's so much easier when hub's there...

  3. That is a great idea for the breast cancer awareness movement.

    I don't have an oven, so bake-pink action won't be in my calender, but I am looking forward to check out yours!

  4. Jen - i hope you participate, it's such a great cause.

    Andie - i should clarify, you don't have to BAKE. the winner last year made pink french toast. but i hope you vote and let me know, i'll put your name in the hat for the raffle! :)

  5. I think this is a neat idea! I do have people in my life that have danced with cancer and kicked a$$, but still, it is a very scary journey for all involved.