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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

.: into the woods we go ... :.

for labor day, jab wanted to spend the day outside, which was fine with me. great picture taking opps. :)

we headed out to Rocks State Park, which is just north of the city, right by the PA line. the ride was pretty once we got off the beltway. windy, which made it hard for me because of my motion sickness. lots of farmland and cornfields. we stopped by a snow cone stand and a gas station for directions. we still got lost. the one road we needed to turn on did not have a sign and we ended up in PA.


but we backtracked it and found the road. it was packed! there's a waterfall less than a mile away from where we parked and kids, parents and their pets were scampering back and forth on the trail. we weren't the only ones with the plan to spend the holiday outdoors!


there were kids frolicking in the water, the dogs were just running everywhere! there was even a rock climber.


overall, a short drive out of the city for some walking in the woods, very lovely. it would've been nice had it been easier to find tho.