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Thursday, September 18, 2008

how i class up ramen noodles ...

my new blogger friend Alicia of The Slacker Kitchen asked in one of her posts what people eat when they're hungry RIGHT THEN AND THERE and there's nothing in the cupboards. well, i always have an inventory of mì gói, instant noodles or just the generic term ramen noodles. growing up, they were sold in boxes, not individual selections. in a pinch, grandma would make this for me to eat on a saturday, just to shut up me while she was busy cooking an actual proper meal. then living in manila and eventually bangkok, i definitely had a lot to choose from.


it was when i started living with the parents that i realized you can spruce up a boring bowl of mì gói. peter would put the most random things and it would come out so good! Lạp xưởng (chinese sausage), lettuce, spring onions, chicken... the sky was the limit for him! and what really wowed me: the EGG. once the noodles were cooked according to package directions, he would put the noodles in the bowl, positioning everything around it. then, in the middle, make a hole and crack open an egg into it. the broth would be at a boil and he would slowly and gently pour it over the egg. in essence poaching it. and to be on the safe side, he would continuously spoon the hot broth over the egg to cook it further or blanket it with noodles over top before digging in. i've always liked my yolks runny (sunny side up is my favorite way to have my eggs).

i've outgrown the whole packaged noodles thing, i don't eat it as often as i used to, but still, i have a handful of them in my cupboards. you just never know! late night from being out, having the munchies... an evening of not wanting to cook a proper meal... cold winter Saturday and missing grandma... that is what i usually eat when i'm hungry RIGHT THEN AND THERE and nothing else would do.


as promised to Alicia, i made myself a bowl last night for dinner to showcase how i class up my mì gói. i had some left over chả lụa, black fungus and bean sprouts. garnished with some green onions and i was good to go!

do you spice up your bowl of instant noodles?

Last note, don't forget about the Save the Boobies Project, aka Boobie Bake Off!


  1. Mì gói with an egg has always reminded me of you!

  2. I am not sure I could do the egg...LOL!

  3. i love it when you make me Mì gói after a night out; best at 4am!

  4. Ohhh bee-lan. My mom everytime she visits and we go to the Asian supermarket walks down the mi goi aisle and tells me about all the new good brands, but you know what I always end up buying? KUNG FU brand, shrimp flavored, at 50-cents per package.

    One of most favorite classing up ramen is a package of the shrimp flavored noodles, add in baby bok choy, cilantro, bean sprouts, sometimes a combo (or one of) shrimp or tofu, hot oil, chili paste, hoisin, green onions, and sometimes slices tomatoes.

    It's like mini pho!

  5. I'm sitting at my desk clapping gleefully! That looks so good. Okay, maybe not the egg, not a big fan. There's always leftover chicken at my house so I'm sure that would go in w/a few red pepper flakes, a little five spice powder, shredded carrot and red onions. I can't wait to see what the mailman brings.

  6. Mostly, I just add an egg to the ramen -- too lazy to do anything else. LOL

  7. Dressed-up ramen noodles, two ways:

    - Cooked noodles but served dry with a bit of butter, lots of pepper and Maggi sauce and a fried egg on top (opla)
    - Throw some dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and fresh baby spinach in the broth. Top with a soft-boiled egg half, spring onions, and some roasted nori and sesame seeds. Serve with Shichimi Togarashi.

  8. haha, leave it to my pham-ily to post comments. :) LOVES IT! be con, i think i like the MAMI brand best.

    marye - i can understand how the egg might throw off people, it's an acquired taste.

    aj - i hope you like the package and you're able to play around a bit with your noodles.

    vancouver - sometimes an egg is all you need :)

    elizabeth - haha, fancy and EASY!

    twinkle - i've had it dried before but not with a fried egg.... hmmm... your 2nd way sounds yummy. :)

  9. I got my package Saturday morning on my way out of town. I can't with to have them. I loved the card. You have beautiful handwriting. Thank you for everything. I posted my Pay It Forward today. Hope to meet some new people.