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Thursday, September 25, 2008


recently i spotted a blog that highlighted how moms make brown bag lunches special for their kids. while jab is not a child, i still want to make his lunch special. i made him some homemade potato chips, sprinkled with thyme/garlic salt and a regular turkey/provolone sandwich. ok. so it's not exactly the most original lunch but i put a lot of effort into it...



so with Rachelle's awesome idea of fun shaped sandwiches, i cut one of jab's sandwiches into a heart. :)

Oven Baked Potato Chips, sprinkled with thyme/garlic salt
olive oil
couple of potatoes
kosher salt, minced garlic and 1/2 tsp of thyme

preheat oven to 350degrees. i don't have a mandoline so i had to slice the potatoes by hand. line the potatoes on the cookie sheet and drizzle liberally with olive oil. bake in oven til golden brown (check frequently as they brown at different times... i burned a few...). once they're out of the oven, transfer to some paper towels, just to get rid of excess oil. sprinkle them immediately with the thyme/garlic salt.


Today's soundtrack: John Legend, Green Light

last note: please don't forget about the special month of October. not only is it autumn and soon to be halloween, but it's also breast cancer awareness month. Saving Boobies has the details on what you can do to make a difference.


  1. Ooohhh!!! I'm totally trying this! I can't believe they look so good from the oven!

  2. Dawn -
    thank you! altho i should add, they are to be consumed right away. i think they turn uncrispy if left out too long, even tho i had put them in an air tight container.

  3. I'm impressed that you cut these by hand! I've been wanting to make some, but I don't have a mandoline, and thought it would be impossible. Maybe I need to try anyway!

  4. deborah - oh i had a few flubs too :) just make sure the knife you use is sharp and be careful. also be patient. i'm now convinced that i don't need a madoline.

    the realchiffonade - i'm sorry you're offended. i like your credentials but they have nothing to do with me. if you don't like my content, you don't have to look. if you have contructive criticism or a better way for me to make these potato chips, i'd love to hear it. if not, please move on. silently.

  5. as a professional chef i find the comment completely UNprofessional. since when does a person's experiments in the kitchen deserve a rude post?
    move on louise. your uppity attitude is not needed.

    big k

  6. WOW! I have read about the "TasteSpotting Troll" but I guess that your blog has now been attacked by Louise in Clearwater, Florida.

    Anyway, I love potato chips, but my young, female physician does NOT.

    I showed your method to my doctor at Johns Hopkins Medical Group yesterday, and she (somewhat reluctantly) said "Okay".

    Thanks for your help.

  7. big k, i heart you.

    docchuck -
    i am all about constructive criticism, if i can learn anything at all, especially from a "professional chef" with credentials, that'd be great. if i wanted to get kicked in the ass, i'll go walk on baltimore street.
    i never claimed these chips were healthy, maybe healthier but regardless. thanks for stopping by.

  8. Dear Angry Asian:

    Unfortunately your blog has been hit by Charles Treuter, aka DocChuck. HE is the Tastespotting Stalker.

    He is the one posting as therealchiffonade, inappropriately disclosing an innocent woman's phone number in the process.

    He followed up here as DocChuck. Don't be surprised if more of his bizarre alter egos follow.

    He has ruined more than his share of food blogs, so watch out.

    Deep Dish Dreams wrote about him here:

  9. I forgot to mention that he targets the blogs of asian women, like Jaden's Steamy Kitchen.