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Monday, September 22, 2008

button and yarn bracelet

a few weeks ago i received my pay it forward package. while i looooooved the caramels elizabeth sent me, i was really excited about the doing the actual paying it forward to my first 3 commenters. i knew i was going to include my homemade soap. but i wanted to also include a yarn project. so i came up with a simple bracelet. i'm not even going to claim it as mine, it's so simple, i'm sure it's been done before but it's a pretty pattern.

i used my smallest hook, the F hook and just some pretty, light weight yarn.

row 1: chain 8, turn
row 2: sc in second chain from hook, continue til the end (7sc)
chain 1, turn
row 3: sc in backloop til the end, chain 1, turn (7sc)

repeat row 3 til desired length.

Last row: sc in next 3 backloops, chain 4, sk 4th backloop, sc in remaining 3 backloops. fasten off.

on the opposite end of the bracelet, sew on a button (keep in mind, depending on the size of the button, you may require more or less chains in the middle of the last row...) voilĂ ! it's kinda a ribbed texture, really cute.

note, in the picture, the purple bracelet follows that pattern but with the white bracelet, i made it slightly wider. i had a 3rd but i whipped that one up fast and didn't get a chance to photograph it.

in the parcel, i made some cards (which i'm getting back into, what with the holidays coming up!), alicia received a few asian ramen noodles and Jen and Jessica, i made yarn cupcakes. for Jen, since i knew she was a sewer, i filled the cupcakes extra snug to turn it into a pin cushion. for Jessica, it's just a cute little ornamental decoration. the thing is, the stuffed cupcake is so cute but i must've done something off with it because the pham cousins didn't know it was cupcake, they thought it was a faceless head with a mop of hair. i admit, the bottom is slightly round ... i'm going to have to find another cupcake pattern.

Last note, don't forget about the Save the Boobies Project, aka Boobie Bake Off!


  1. Loved the bracelet (wore it all day:) pin cushion and soap! I don't understand any of the instructions, but I could have my mom translate them when I go up for a crafting Saturday.

    btw, I showed them to her and she admires your talent, to the max. She knew it was a cupcake! I think my sisters were a lil' jealous of the bracelet, they tried to borrow it.
    Thanks again!

  2. crochet diva-
    thank you! :)

    jen -
    once your mom helps you with the translation, you'll be able to figure out any pattern, then you'll be able to make the bracelet for your sisters. let me know if you need any assistance, plus, i learned most of what i know thru online tutorials. your mom is so sweet!

  3. THANKS! you have saved my life..stocking stuffers for 3 daughters!