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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sew Yellow

i've been trying to take up sewing for some time now. there are only two Jo-Ann Fabrics in the Baltimore area that offer Creative University and it is tough to get into one of their classes, it fills up so fast.

i am happy to declare victory this month. it's just a 2.5 hour class. i went last night after work to buy my fabric. the list only called for a yard of fabric. i have no idea what we're going to sew. i'm assuming an apron? it doesn't say on the schedule. i was hoping to learn how to make a tote bag but i'd settle for an apron.


i chose a happy yellow floral cotton piece. i couldn't resist the cheerful hue, plus, it is the summer of yellow for me.


in other crafting news, i completed my summer cloche, altering a tad to fit my big ass head (i'll take pix of it this weekend). i'll make another one, this time in yellow with a bigger hook to see how that turns out. i have yet another summer hat i'd like to give a whirl before i turn my sights to warmer head gear. the baby blanket for my friend in Thailand is coming along nicely, much better than i expected. i have one other baby item that shouldn't take me long to do. i started on a ladybug stuffed animal for a coworker last night. he's expecting a little girl later this month and he mentioned the nursey was in a ladybug motif. i've already completed the body, i just gotta sew on the head and spots and i'm done!

the end of summer is coming in a few weeks, i'm debating on whether i should make some cards or if i should wait till Halloween. we'll see!


  1. I'd love to learn how to sew. really sew. My close friend from college had a sewing machine in her room and she made her own duvet, curtains, pillow shams, clothes, everything. Sometimes I do my own hems on pants and I sew the occasional button on my husband's shirts. I'm obsessed with Project Runway. That's about it. Thanks for the inspiration...

  2. I agree, this summer is a yellow.

    I can't wait to see the finished product. Have you ever been to ? It's where I've been oogling and making a huge list of things I want to make. I love it.

    Here's another link to a tote I made last weekend. The pattern is simple, maybe you'd like it, I duno. Thought I'd share my 2c anyway. :)