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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grandma's Shumai

i called my grandmother on friday during my lunch break, not only to touch bases with her but to see if she could hook me up with her recipe for shumai. i think she thinks i'm inept in the kitchen or something. and the viet-english conversations we have is hilarious. i don't fully understand what she's saying and i highly doubt she gets what i'm saying.

Me: you want me to put what ...?


Grandma: i don't know how big your teaspoon is but mine is ...

(i didn't realize that there were different teaspoon sizes?)


anyway, grandma hooked it up. it just reminded me of when i was kid.
Homemade Shumai sans wrapper, Grandma Style

1 lb ground pork
1 medium onion, diced
1 tsp fish sauce
1/2 tsp salt
1-2 tsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp pepper

combine all ingredients. ball up (i came up with 12) and assemble in cook safe dishes. steam in water bath on stove top for about 30-40 minutes. also, just for asthestics, i dabbled a dollop of tomato paste on each ball. it's how grandma always made it.

serve with white rice, sides of crisp veggies like cut up cucumbers and pickled daikon/carrots. i purposefully went ultra conservative with the seasoning, so my shumai came out bland. i just like to dip the pieces of meat in chilli nước chấm, just like how grandma and grandpa ate it.

now i have something yummy to eat all week. i baked some buttermilk loaf bread earlier so i'll have my version of bánh mỳ shumai.



  1. you re thso fun-nay!!!

    great picture of the food ... i couldn't think of it when i talked to you last night, but now i know, and i want some.

  2. thanks for the recipe. i never knew siewmai or shumai wasn't tht complicated to make! and fish sauce..mmmmm.

    ok this is totally on my list of to-make ;)

  3. be con -- now you have to make it dude, and don't forget to take pix!

    sarah -- i love it. that's the way i *always* thought shumai was and that the dimsum version was wrong. :)

    diva -- i never knew it was so easy too! and it tasted just like how grandma used to make it. :)

  4. "I didn't know there were different teaspoon sizes?"

    LOL!! :)

  5. shannalee -
    now that i think of it, she never used actual measuring spoons, she used actual teaspoons and guess-timated. bless her, she's hilarious.

  6. I made these for taste & create: they were outstanding--the whole family loved them. And I love that the recipe came from your grandma. :)