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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Citrus Love - August Click Entry

i was so excited when i checked out the click photo event for the month, not only to see what the theme was, but to see who had won last month's coffee event even with all the gorgeous entries , i didn't do too horribly (i made the top 25 entries!). i admit, it put me on high for an afternoon. :)

so. this month's theme is citrus , very summery and fresh and up my alley. this summer i've been all about the yellows and oranges and what a more perfect way to end out the season than with these bright and tart fruits? sweet. or sour.

slice of jello

i initially wanted to make a lavender infused lemon-tea sorbet but the damn machine was not cooperating. don't get me started. so at the last minute i decided to make jello and for cups, use the emptied cored out lemons. just a note, i essentially made regular lemonade, used about a cup of it with 1.5 packets of unflavored gelatine. i wanted to make sure the concoction was definitely firm. i also added 7 drops of yellow food coloring, purely for looks.

happy clicking!


  1. what a great idea to set them in the skins. beautiful entry.

  2. I like what you did, actually want to take one and eat it...hehehe

  3. Those look so good. Pretty creative idea.

  4. How beautiful. I work with food photography for a living, and your shots are really quite gorgeous. Maybe you should change career paths. . . .

  5. bee - thank you!

    ms.___2be! - thanks, it was either use the cups for jello or ice cream. i knew i had to use them because it took me FOREVER to core the lemons!

    trish - thanks! they were pretty yummy, if i were younger, i'd make jello shots out of them.

    deborah - thank you, some of my better ideas are my Plan Bs cus my original plan bombed. :)

    dragonfly - thank you so much for your compliment but really this is just a hobby. :)

  6. Oh, this is such a lovely idea. And the photo you took is so evocative, I had to go look at the actual post.