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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

battle of Chocolate Semifreddos

the last week and a half i've made two chocolate semifreddos. i made one for the bbq on saturday and another one for a coworker's bday.

i had made semifreddo earlier in the summer, it came out... ok.


the first recipe i tried was from i shot the chef who was a professional chef and whose husband is a professional photographer, (he takes amazing pix!). it was a painfully easy recipe, simple ingredients and steps. good thing too because i was fixated on making my bbq meatballs. essentially, it came out very well. my friends loved it and it was gone in minutes. the lighting wasn't the best so i only snapped a few pix.


the second recipe i chose was from one of my favorite bloggers, use real butter. seriously, i sweat this woman. her recipes are awesome and she's never steered me wrong. i made this monday afternoon. i went to TWO different grocery stores looking for marscapone cheese and let me tell you, at the 2nd place i damn near threw a hissy fit. i would've liked to have come across this on monday but oh well. i made do with whipped cream cheese instead. verdict: it tasted good too, albeit slightly heavy. my coworker liked it and really, that's all that matters.


i think i'm done with semifreddos for now. the weather is getting cooler and all the desserts i've been making this summer is burning me out.


  1. Oooh these look so yummy. I've never tried semifreddo before... must try to get it in before the summer is over! love the berries on top!

  2. That's amazing....I also got my idea from I shot the chef. I made strawberry semifreddo and later also kiwi......both were delicious!! Will post later this week.
    Your site is GREAT!

  3. Looks beautiful!

  4. Jen --
    you should def. make it before the summer is gone. if i can do it, so can you!

    nina --
    thank you for stopping by, isn't i shot the chef so wonderful! your versions sound great but i am holding fast to no more desserts for awhile! :)

    amritac -
    thank you!

  5. the raspberries in those photos really made me smile :) this looks delicious!

  6. megan -
    raspberries always make me smile. they're tart and sweet and just reminds me of warm weather! :) thanks for stopping by. hope you'll make this too!

  7. the raspberries in those photos really made me smile :) this looks delicious!