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Monday, July 14, 2008

yarn love

i learned how to knit about a year and a half ago. at the time, i was listless and unhappy. i came across a craigslist ad for a website called meetup. this site is a social networking site for pretty much any hobby you can think of. i looked up knitting/crocheting groups. from there my love affair with yarn began. knitting takes a bit longer and more discipline (i think). so in February '08, i had a few friends over for some knitting and one of the girls taught me how to crochet. i haven't looked back since. crocheting, while is much faster than knitting, still takes time and patience. i always have some project or another going on, with my eyes moving on to other potential projects to go to. about a month ago i made a headband for big k. she started a new job, was doing well in school and i was already making a sock/glove animal for her so i figured i'd throw in something extra in the care package. bama hasn't taken a pic of herself wearing it so i'll just post a pic of it when i first finished.

i added a flower to the headband, just for giggles. the stuffed elephant came out a little odd but the way i posed it amused me. i also made her a doll from scraps that i forgot to take pix of.

for another friend, Dana, i made her a yarn necklace. i don't know dana that well but she and i have always gotten along. she was going thru a tough transition in her life so i figured this would cheer her up. it was pretty easy to make, altho it did take me two tries. i hope to make more as additional gifts in goody bags for friends this holiday.

in other crocheting news, i bought my first hat pattern today from kalurah of while they play. it's a Calla Summer Cloche. it's effing adorable. the current summer hat pattern i have is annoying the bejesus out of me so i'm going to make this one. depending on how it goes, i may have to make more for my gfs for next summer.

i know this blog has been heavy on the food lately, it's not that i'm not creating stuff in other mediums, it's just that that is taking up quite a bit of my time. i did take a breather from the crochet hook yesterday to read (i haven't read a proper book in a minute!) i bought an aloe vera plant yesterday at the Farmer's Market so i'll be experimenting on aloe soaps, facials and drinks this month. hopefully.

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