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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weekend Preview

Thursday was my friend Haniya's birthday. Lucky girl has a pool on the roof of her apartment building. so what better way to bring in a new year for her, as well as jump start the holiday weekend than to lay out by the pool? unfortch, i could only manage an hour by the pool but it was fun nonetheless to chill with H, buu and michelle. buu made some great veggie sandwiches to munch on.

being a fan of Trader Joe's, Buu picked up a few key ingrediants to create her sumptuous finger sandwiches. whole wheat bread with the crust cut off, with a zesty basil pesto spread, slices of ripe tomatoes or english cucumbers, and for a touch of creamy: fresh mozzorella cheese. it was a hit with the ladies and helped tide us over till dinnertime.

for happy hour, buu and i headed over to Dana and Steve's pad for some summer beverages and more finger foods. Dana and Buu kept the table full of fresh food for everyone to sample. Veggie quesadillas, spanish rice, cheese/cracker combo, salmon and mushroom stir fry and buu whipped up slices of lamb to put between pita bread.

my fave was the tomato and mozzarella salad. the basil vinagrette held it all together and the taste reminded me of summer.

they really outdid themselves but it was all in preparation for the fourth of July weekend, as well as a great way to just get together.

we ended the night at Sapphires and Black Fin.

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