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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Peanut Butter Cookies vs. Snickerdoodles

being back home has inspired me to basically go ape in the kitchen. i have aspirations to make thit kho and flan for Lan today. yesterday, i baked up two batches of cookies: Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodles. i even had the roommate participate. he's moving out today and i had to make sure he had a bag of goodies for his ride home. there's a new roommie moving in today so i had to make a welcome dinner for tonight. (any reason at all to putter around the kitchen!)


i did the mixing for both cookies one after the other. it seemed more time efficient. for the Snickerdoodles, i followed Nigella Lawson's recipe from her book: How to be a Domestic Goddess. (it's about damn time i cracked open any of my cookbooks.) For the peanut butter cookies i followed this recipe.

the snickerdoodle batter was on the soft side and the first batch came out all funky. i rolled them into balls but they didn't flatten so subsequently i had to flatten them with a spoon for the latter batches. Samir was in charge of the peanut butter batter. once he got in the hang of rolling them into balls and then flattening them with a fork, he got all into it. it's the surgeon in him, making sure the grid design came out right.

the first batch came out ... off. they were a bit burnt on the bottom, we had to adjust timing and temp a bit. my damn oven is old and tempermental. i flip between what i need to buy next: new oven or washer/dryer set. both are old and for the most part, work fine but it'd be nice to update and upgrade.

the peanut butter cookies came out better. they were soft and much more flavorful. samir thought the same, as did jab when i brought over a few for him to sample.

this picture is of the snickerdoodle drops, from the first batch. the latter ones were flat. it came out pretty tasty, it crumbled well in the mouth and i really liked the added zing of the nutmeg.



  1. i have to say, snickerdoodles are probably my most favorite cookies. nice photos, even if they didn't turn out as well as you'd liked. and that sumo figure cracked me up.

  2. Haha! When I saw that picture with the sumo figure on Foodgawker, I could not stop laughing!! Haha! Hilarious!

    Side that, the cookies look fabulous. Snickerdoodles are by far my favorite cookie, and though they didn't turn out as good as you hoped, the photo looks beautiful and as do the cookies!

  3. That sumo guy rocks! Love it!

  4. mmmm, I do love these peanut butter cookies but next, I must try your delicious snickerdoodles!

  5. mmmm, I do love these peanut butter cookies but next, I must try your delicious snickerdoodles!