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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

.: My Thai :.

i love thai food. living in thailand for 3 years does that to a person. it also makes for very high standards. the closest comparision i've been able to find is Thai Arroy and even that place doesn't quite capture the fresh and true essence of the thai food i grew up with in the Land of Smiles.

it's a different story with sushi. i have a love/hate relationship with this cuisine. sometimes i crave it and other times, i'm so over it. even when i was in japan i tried to get around the whole eating terriyaki and sushi thing, often preferring to eat leftovers that bio mom made.

anyway, a few weekends ago, jab and i, along with two fellow Broads went out to dinner to My Thai, former spot for Minato, which was a Japanese joint with a few Vietnamese dishes. My Thai is, you guessed it, a fusion of japanese and thai cuisine. what is up with the dual identities? Pick one and master that. seriously.

the thing about this location is that it's in the basement of a building that houses businesses, a coffee shop (Donna's) and an Indian restaurant is attached to it as well. it's like a really nicely decorated dungeon. we were put in a far corner of the restaurant. for me, service for any asian restaurant is spotty. the staff usually doesn't understand what's being asked of them and they move slower than molasses.

My Thai was no different. The food made up for it tho. i wish i could chronicle what everyone had but i can't remember. i had a chocolate espresso martini that was delish. i'm enamored with espresso vodka at the moment and when i saw this drink on the beverage menu i had to have it.

we let christa order for us. she's a fishmonger and really knows her stuff. plus, in any small group eating situation, i like to be able to pick at other people's food, just to sample. and at a sushi place, it makes it all the more appealing to me. christa did not disappoint with the first entree, a spicy crispy green beans dish with peanut dipping sauce that was divine. i am determined to recreate this.

she also ordered enough sushi to share between four grown adults. i've never ordered enough sushi to warrant a boat but we got one. it was a feast for the eyes. LOVED it! i don't know all the items she chose but i do recall the eel roll which was a perfect balance of salty and sweet. i was also a fan of anything that had avocado in it.

overall, it was a lovely evening, good company, good food and drinks. i'd go back just for the green beans tho.

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  1. Man, all of that looks good! Even the martini - and I don't drink. I like the title of your post, too. :)

    My favorite sushi involves avocado, too. I also like the little orange fish eggs one, but I forgot what it's called. I like the way they crunch.

    Digging the boat.