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Sunday, July 13, 2008

.: Early Sunday Morning Jaunt to the Farmer's Market :.

i actually got my ass up early today and hauled it to the Baltimore Farmers' Market under the Jones Falls Expressway. why, in the six years that i've lived here, did i never make it to this effing awesome outdoor grocery store??? i was there for maybe 30 minutes and spent $21. i have enough fresh veggies to last me all week. this is the place i'll be hitting during warmer months from now on. they didn't have any dairy products or seafood but i did see some frozen meat. there were just so many boothes that boasted not only fresh produce, but readily made foods and crafts. it's my new favorite place.

i should've planned better. big k is visiting this weekend and i'm making a dinner spread for her. i could've made a list of all the ingrediants that i need for the dishes, but alas, i didn't think about it. so i stuck to just staple stuff i like to consume on a weekly basis.

flowers galore! LOVED IT. too bad i'm so spotty with flower maintenance.

i bought an aloe vera plant tho. the guy told me it's rather easy to keep up, the more i ignore it, the more it'll thrive. i've named her Vera (as in veeeera ... like vera wang ...) and i'm already thinking of the homemade health recipes i'll be concocting for angry asian creations.

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  1. I'm dying to go to this place!!! I think I'm going to buy a basket for my bike & make an attempt to be city-fied...the pictures make me want to eat fresh food :)