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Thursday, July 10, 2008

.: DC's Botanic Garden :.

spent a few hours at the Botanic Garden on Wednesday with middle sister Pam. i'd never been before and since she wasn't forthcoming with what she wanted to do, i asserted what i wanted to do. not much on words today but warning, picture heavy post. i made note of some of the flowers' names but not all.

we took the metro in, it's located 2 blocks from the Federal Center SW or Capital South stations, off the Orange or Blue lines.

a rose is a rose is a rose ...

mermaid hybrid bracteata rose - 'rosa'

rattlesnake master - eryngium yuccifolium

dense blazing star - liatris spicata

i stalked these bees. i'm surprised i didn't get stung.

i wrote down that this is a dwarf tulip but the pix i've seen online show the petals to be pointy ...

these just looked like butterflies hanging out with the pink flowers ...

my namesake

asconcenda - yip sum wah

this looked like a magenta caterpiller

butterfly pea - clitoria ternatea

plumeria - hausten white



this looked like it belonged on a cake ...

oyster plant - tradescantia spathacea

blue skyflower - thunbergia grandiflora

lollipop plant - pachystachys lutea

gardenia jasminoides

i barely made a dent in seeing all the flowers so i'll have to make a trek out that ways again soon, sans teen sister who was bored the second we arrived ...

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  1. Thanks for passing on the link to this post. The photos are just stunning. I especially love the orchids. So delicate, so many different colors.