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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cold Korean Mashed Potato Salad

i've always been a fan of korean food. the summer before the sixth grade, we went on vacation to South Korea and i even dated a korean guy back in college for about five minutes. bulgogi is positively, sinfully delish! if i remember correctly, my parents and i had it for lunch and dinner for the week we were in seoul. i heart me some kimchi too. anyway, Nam Kang is the only korean restaurant i've hit in Baltimore. i know there's a few more i should try out but i really dig this place. and they're open till 4am! what i like most about korean cuisine is the banchan, side dishes that i could eat alone with rice. one of my fave is the cold mashed potato salad. i guessed on the ingrediants and lord knows if i got it right. it tastes good to me so i guess that's all that matters.

my guess on korean mashed potato salad
  • potatoes to boil, i used some small reds that i found at the farmer's market
  • thinly sliced cucumber
  • thinly sliced red onions, i drenched it in cold water and sugar, to take the kick of onion flavor out
  • mayo
  • salt/pepper and sugar to taste
essentially, i combined how one would make mashed potatoes (sans the butter/milk) and how one would make potato salad. that's pretty much it. oh it's a rather sweet dish. not dessert sweet tho. just saying.

i do want to add that i do NOT know if this is the right way of making this dish, i'm totally guessing on it and looking at it, it looks nothing like the ones i've tasted at korean restaurants. the ingrediants are the same and it's a cold item. that's it.


  1. this post brought back memories and made me laugh - how is potato salad a bahn chan? LOL! could NEVER figure that one out

  2. yum, can we go to all you can eat Korean sometime soon?

  3. It sure sounds delicious! I love the touch of the red onion on the colours of the dish.

  4. Mmmm. Looks really good. I like how you reinvent stuff and then even change and add stuff in recipes. Very brave.

    I wish you lived near here so I could give you some kim chee. Josh bought a bucket o'kim chee and not eating it fast enough... although I think it lasts forever in the fridge.

  5. sarah j. gim - so does that mean that potato salad is not bahn chan? it means side dish, right?? thanks so much for stopping by!

    buu -- yes, we can but due to your schedule and mine, the next possible time won't be till sept. your fault.

    lore -- and to think i almost used white onion! :) thanks so much for stopping by again!

    trish -- i wish i lived nearby too cus i heart me some kim chee! that stuff is sooooo GOOD and i think it lasts as long as twinkies. :)